Harddrive recovery service

Why you should hire a harddrive recovery service?

Have you lost your hard drive data? Would you like to recover your lost files? In some circumstances, hard disk corruption is the main factor when you may lose your important files. If you have lost essential data from your hard drive, employing a harddrive recovery service will be more than worth the financial investment.

Keep In mind that harddrive data recovery is a very complicated process. It ought to be performed by experienced harddrive recovery professionals. Changing hard drives is easy but recover a hard drive is not for the home handyman job.

There are so many reasons of data recovery like:1.You just forgot to keep your backups2.The files lost by mistake3.Accidental formatting of hard disk drive.

First a data recovery expert discovers that a damaged drive needs replacement parts or full integration to another hard drive. A substantial harddrive recovery procedure starts from a physically damaged hard drive. In this procedure, the mechanisms of the drive will be repaired or data will transfer to a new hard drive from physically damaged hard drive.
Data recovery companies already have replacements parts in their workplace so that can be provided to the client at the spot and ensures the client that they can carry out a full and exact data recovery service.

What is CLASS 100 Clean up Room?

CLASS 100 Clean up Room is a specific room where the heat resistance can be controlled according to the requirement. CLASS 100 Clean up Room labs are important so that a physically damaged hard disk drive should only be opened inside it. This and subsequent phases of the recovery procedure are accomplished in a clean space, where professionals are covered visit toe in white ‘rabbit matches’ and overhead air filters constantly draw particles from the air.

TCS-computer.be is specialized in computer repair, laptop repair, Mac repair and hard drive data recovery with a CLASS 100 Clean up Room. TCS data recovery service puts your damaged drive through an extensive harddrive recovery procedure. First the team at TCS,fix the physical enclosure and mechanisms faults of any kind from the drive. TCS has a variety of common parts on hand so they can offer a specific factory replacement and guarantee they can do a full and precise data recovery. The process of HDD recovery procedure is achieved in a clean Laboratory, where TCS HDD recovery specialists are covered head to toe in white ‘bunny matches’ and overhead air filters constantly suck bits from the air. 

TCS data recovery center also offers lost file data recovery, external harddrive recovery, formatted and deleted harddrive data recovery services. Visit TCS-Computers.be for more info.


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